An introduction to Unite America’s strategy for Wisconsin

Welcome to part 4 of our ongoing 12 part series where I can share with you what we envision our state and country can look like through our work with Unite America!

In case you are joining us for the first time here’s what we’ve covered so far in our series:

1. Vision:

“good candidates –> good governance –> good society”

2. Message:

“Country over Party”
“People over Politics”
“Common-sense people campaigning for common-sense politics.”

3. Mission:

“Fix the System”

4. Strategy:

FIX” the system by getting out the “VOTE

5. The “F” in FIX stands for “Fight corruption via the Anti-Corruption Act”

6. The “I” in FIX stands for “Incentivize collaboration amongst our politicians”

7. The “X” in FIX stands for “X-ecute our Fulcrum strategy”

8. The “V” in VOTE stands for “Vocalize our message”

9. The “O” in VOTE stands for “Obtain political leverage”

10. The “T” in VOTE stands for “Triangulate our politicians”

11.  The “E” in Vote stands for “Enact enduring, model legislation”

12.  The end of our series is just the beginning!


Specifically, we wanted to address the corrupting influence of the “3 Ms”:

  • too much MONEY
  • too much MONOPOLY power
  • too much MEDIA mindlessness (lack of critical thinking by us!)

Today we will be sharing with you a high-level overview of our 7-point

FIX” the system by getting out theVOTE

We’ll go into each of the 7 points in more detail in the weekly newsletters to follow but here is the quick and dirty explanation to whet your appetite.

The “FIX” part of our strategy walks through what we are driving within our Wisconsin State Senate and Assembly:

F – fight corruption via the Anti-Corruption Act
This addresses the “3 Ms” above and contains model legislation around the key political innovations we promote like ranked choice voting, fair redistricting, disclosing dark money and improving voter access.

I – incentivize collaboration via the “Break the Gridlock” approach
our legislative bodies’ rules for how they govern themselves do NOT naturally motivate teamwork across the aisle.  What if we changed those rules to encourage better debate, more time for good decisions and greater bipartisan problem-solving?

X – eXecute the unique “fulcrum strategy” from our friends at Unite America that inserts a small number of legislators in the political middle who deny both major parties a majority.  In doing so, the only way to get anything done is to make sure that solutions veer away from the extremes and more toward the center which typically holds the greatest public appeal.

The “VOTE” part of our strategy walks through what we are driving with concerned Wisconsinites to rescue our republic:

V – Vocalize our message
We’ve got to get the word out about what we are doing, first to our target districts for 2020 and ultimately out to all 6500 voting wards in Wisconsin.  Educating all voters about the need to fight corruption, incentivize collaboration and execute our fulcrum strategy will be vitally important.

O – Obtain political capital
We aren’t a big money organization by any means.  Our means of political capital comes directly from people – people who will vote.  We will be collecting signatures from many Wisconsin households to enlist their support to fight corruption.  And, when the time comes to vote we will remind them to get out their and vote for the candidates who are committed to fighting corruption.

T – Triangulate our politicians
We have 3 approaches to take with our legislators.  For those who are already supportive of our political innovations, we will REWARD them with our votes and perhaps our donation.  For those who need to learn more about the reforms we are driving, we will REVISIT them to ensure they become educated about them enough to make an intelligent decision.  For those who refuse to fight corruption, we will have no choice but to REPLACE them.

E – Enact model legislation
We can be a support to the candidates who wish to fight corruption by providing them with a model, durable legislation drafted by constitutional scholars and proven in battleground states where their People have already won decisively on the same political innovations we are fighting for.

Obviously, there’s a lot that goes into each element of the strategy.  Still, we strongly believe that, if we can execute these 7 items per our plan we will succeed in our mission to “fix the system” within 5 election cycles with wins along the way!

Our Strategy: FIX the system - get out the VOTE

Next week we’ll dive into the “F” in our strategy and go further into how we’ll “Fight corruption via the Anti-Corruption Act.

This week’s action

If you have an hour and would like to watch the recording from our state-wide Zoom call with from last week feel free to check it out here:

Represent Wisconsin State Strategy Call with

Also, this Thursday, May 9th, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, for those of you in Green Bay, our friends at the Millennial Action Project are sponsoring an event at the Titletown Brewing Company:

Red and Blue Dialogue:  Water Quality in Green Bay

We will be joined by Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich, State Rep David Steffen (R) and State Rep Staush Gruszynski (D)

Please check out the link above and RSVP if you are interested and available!

Rich Eng

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