Did you know what the vision of Represent Us WI is?

Three phases to restore our Republic

Welcome to part 1 of a 12 part series where I can share with you, at a slightly deeper level, what we envision our state and country can look like through our work with Represent Us!

Today I wanted to start with our overall vision.  Vision, for any organization, is what we want to “see happen.”  In our case, what we want to “see” actually takes place over multiple time horizons.  The analogy I’d like to offer is to imagine that you see a huge rock you have to climb right in front of you.  Immediately behind it you can see the tallest peak in America (Denali).  Then, way off in the distance, you catch a glimpse of Everest – the ultimate prize for climbers everywhere.

Mountain Peaks

Well, in our analogy, to work backwards, scaling “Everest” represents the future condition where our country enjoys a “good society.”  This is a society where government, businesses, faith communities, civic groups have worked together to build a broad and vibrant middle class, where everyone works hard and works together because societal trust amongst all Americans is strong because it is tied into a shared belief that we are “all in this together.” It’s a vision of a bright future for us with an even brighter future for our children and grandchildren.  It is a vision of the “re-United States of America” and the re-birth of “the American Dream.”

However, we won’t ever get to this place without first crossing over the second peak (Denali) in our analogy.  This peak represents the critical problems that face us today:  affordable healthcare accessible to all Americans;  education (university or trade school) that propels all our young people to be the best they can be; infrastructure that is cutting-edge and the envy of all other countries;  meaningful jobs everywhere with rising real wages that paves the way for secure retirements; and a pristine environment that both showcases and protects our beautiful Wisconsin lands, air and waterways.  The only way we can solve these problems is through “good governance” – a team-oriented approach where Congress works together for the good of all the people and where our legislators view themselves as Americans first and put Country Over Party!

But before we can even get to our second peak “Denali,” we first have to fix a very broken political system where we can support and elect these types of “Country Over Party” leaders.  This is the very first hill we have to climb and this is the realm where most of the work of Unite America is focused on today.  Our vision of what we want to see happen after we execute our plan and complete our “mission” is that we would elect “good candidates” – mission-aligned independents, Republicans and Democrats who aren’t afraid to buck party leadership, who fight cronyism & corruption, and who have a strong will to bring to an end this extreme state of hyper-partisanship we live in today.

So, in a nutshell our vision is to see:

good candidates –> good governance –> good society

In “business-speak” (sorry, I can’t help myself =) our vision is to see:

A restored republic with team-oriented elected officials who:
*  represent us –
not special interests (good candidates)
*  solve our toughest problems & (good governance)
*  move Wisconsin forward  (good society)
thus creating a brighter future for us, our kids and our grandchildren.

You can see this represented pictorially in the image below:

Three phases to restore our Republic

Currently, our work with Unite America is primarily focused on getting over the first mountain peak as highlighted in the red box on the left where our mission is to “fix our broken political system.”

That’s it for now! Next time we’ll cover “the Message of Unite America WI.”

This week’s action

There are two great events on gerrymandering next week that you should consider going to. 

Monday, April 22nd, at 6:00 pm
Matt Rothschild, the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, will be hosting a discussion at the Menomonee Falls Public Library called, “Fair Elections Need Fair Maps.”

Thursday, April 25th, at 6:00 pm
Two former Wisconsin State Senate Majority Leaders, Tim Cullen (D-Janesville) and Dale Schultz (R-Richland Center), will be hosting a very similar discussion at the Jefferson Public Library.  They are doing this together because fair redistricting is a bipartisan issue!

Both events are sponsored by our friends from the Fair Elections Project and a few other non-partisan groups who want to “restore our republic” and who share a similar vision of “good governance.”  

Please consider attending the event most convenient for you as gerrymandering is one of the items we must address if we are to “take the hill” to “fix our broken political system” in the first phase of our vision!

Rich Eng
Chapter Leader, Milwaukee Chapter
Join us in working to unite America today!

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