A new series: Our strategy for Wisconsin

I wanted to take some time and lay out the “tops-down” approach for how we want to “defend our republic” in Wisconsin.  Here’s what’s coming over the next quarter:

  1. Vision:
    1. A reclaimed republic with team-oriented elected officials who:
    2. represent us – not special interests;
    3. solve our toughest problems thru teamwork & good governance;
    4. move Wisconsin forward and;
    5. create a brighter future for us, our kids & our grandchildren.
  2. Message:
    1. Country over Party
    2. Common-sense people campaigning for common-sense politics.
  3. Mission:
    1. Fix our broken political system
  4. Strategy:
    1. FIX the system;
    2. Get out the VOTE
  5. Fight cronyism (via the Anti-Corruption Act)
    1. Ranked Choice Voting and Four Forward
    2. Gerrymandering
    3. Money in politics / Campaign finance reform
    4. Revolving door
    5. Voter access / election integrity
  6. Incentivize collaboration (via Break The Gridlock, Unity2020, Futures Caucus, etc.)
  7. X-ecute the Fulcrum Strategy (unique to Unite America!)
  8. Vocalize our message
  9. Obtain political leverage and capital
  10. Triangulate our politicians
  11. Enact model legislation
  12. Tactics to note

So, that’s the plan for what we’ll cover over the next few months.  We look forward to sharing with you next week what our vision is!

This week’s action

In item 6 above one of our key strategic elements is to “Incentivize collaboration” esp. between Republicans and Democrats.  If you haven’t already done so please head on over to Unite America’s Unity 2020 petition and sign it to indicate your support for all presidential candidates who would, for the sake of sending a strong message on bipartisanship, select a running-mate from the other major party.

Sign the Unity Ticket petition video thumbnail

Join over 10,500 other folks who have already signed it and help us continue our work to bridge the partisan divide!

Rich Eng

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