Putting an End to Gerrymandering in Wisconsin

Help fix the broken political system to create a better Wisconsin

Who we are

We are Republican, Democrat, Independent, and Third-Party Wisconsinites working to pass powerful anti-corruption laws that increase healthy competition, transparency, accountability and restore bipartisan cooperation and problem-solving.

Fix the Broken Political System

Do you want Governor Evers and legislative leaders to work together to fight COVID and look for common ground to solve the challenges Wisconsin businesses and residents face during the greatest health and economic crisis we have seen in decades? Until we fix the broken political system and change the incentives for politicians to work for “we, the people,” our country and state will continue to be torn further and further apart. Gerrymandering creates a culture of contempt, making it difficult to work across the aisle not just among legislators but neighbors against neighbors. Represent Us Wisconsin is fighting to put an end to gerrymandering by supporting nonpartisan redistricting. But, we can’t do it in Wisconsin without your help. Change only happens when thousands of principled conservatives, independents, and progressives fight together for it.

Support Nonpartisan Redistricting

When politicians draw their own legislative districts, they choose their voters instead of the other way around. It’s not about right vs. left, it’s about right vs. wrong. It worsens polarization and hurts our legislator’s ability to represent us and work across the aisle to solve problems.

Voters have been silenced and misrepresented for more than a decade in Wisconsin due to gerrymandering. We’re striving to put an end to gerrymandering by supporting nonpartisan redistricting. With nonpartisan redistricting, a nonpartisan or bipartisan body is chosen to draw district boundaries instead of politicians. Our goal is to follow the Iowa Model of non-partisan redistricting, where districts are compacted areas with clear, simple lines to keep communities of interest together.

How You Can Help

Senator Roger Roth is the current Senate President and a critical decision-maker for the next redistricting process. Legislators need to hear from principled republicans and independents, not just democratic voters, who support non-partisan redistricting.

Fill in the form to join the effort to contact Senator Roth to express your desire for republicans and democrats to work better together and how ending gerrymandering would be an important first step. Candidates should win because they have the best ideas to solve problems, not because of rigged maps.

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We Need 11 Million Americans, including 120,000 Wisconsinites, to watch this video and join our voices to demand healthy Competition, Transparency, and Accountability, and restore bipartisan cooperation and problem-solving.

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